Secondary Science Simplified podcast with Rebecca Joyner from It's Not Rocket Science

Secondary Science Simplified®️ is a podcast specifically for high school science teachers that will help you to engage your students AND simplify your life as a secondary science educator. 

Each week Rebecca and her guests will share practical and easy-to-implement strategies for decreasing your workload so that you can stop working overtime and start focusing your energy doing what you love – actually teaching! 

Teaching doesn’t have to be rocket science, and you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to simplify your secondary science teaching life so that you can enjoy your life outside of school even more.


Serving Future You – How to Work Smarter, Not Harder [Episode 138]

Click below to serve future you: I frequently think about how much the principles I’ve learned from running a business (and parenting) have changed my perspective on teaching. This got me thinking about what I would implement based on what I know now if I ever return to the classroom.


Prioritizing Relationships Over Being Right [Episode 134]

Click below to hear about my personal refrain of prioritizing relationships:   As you all know, my outlook and perspective on life are usually black and white. Especially when it came to teaching, I gave clear rules and procedures that needed to be followed in my classroom. However, when I

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