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Midyear Reflections and Reset [Episode 58]

Click below to hear about midyear reflections: Oh the second half of the school year. Making it to the end of the school year may seem like a daunting task to you. I get it! But what if you spent the next few months thriving instead of just surviving? Today,

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Why NOT to Assign Work Over Breaks [Episode 52]

Click below to hear why I don’t like to assign work over breaks: Confession time: One of my biggest regrets from my time spent in the classroom is assigning homework over school breaks. Not only did I assign homework over breaks, but sometimes I would even assign projects to cover

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Ask me Anything! All YOUR Questions Answered! [Episode 50]

Click below to hear my answers to your questions in this “ask me anything” episode: It’s finally here! It’s the 50th episode of Secondary Science Simplified! To celebrate, I’m answering all of your burning questions inside of this special “ask me anything” episode. I am so excited to answer every

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