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Work/Life Balance

4 Must Do Self Care Tips for Teachers to maintain work life balance

4 MUST DO Teacher Self-Care Tips

Now MORE THAN EVER BEFORE, teachers need to be conscious about caring for themselves. Teaching is already a stressful takes-everything-out-of-you-mentally-and-emotionally type of career, but now throw in a pandemic to the mix and schools requiring teachers to balance in-person, virtual, and/or hybrid teaching models, and it takes it to a whole other level. These are my 4 MUST-DO tips for teacher self-care that I’ve found critical for my own mental health going into a school year with so many unknowns. I urge you to take some time NOW, no matter when in the school year you are reading this, to stop what you are doing and set up some habits that will create healthy boundaries for yourself.

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Teaching through Grief

This is a really hard topic for me to write about, but I told myself when I started this blog I would only write about things I was experiencing so I could write authentically, and this is what we are currently walking through right now so I think it is

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Surviving Second Semester

Do you ever have those school years where you legitimately consider not going back after winter break?  Where surviving second semester seems utterly impossible? Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE my job and am so thankful I get to do something that I enjoy so much for a living,

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Switching to Public or Private: 10 Questions to Consider

When I started teaching I NEVER, EVER, EVER wanted to leave the public school system.  I was so passionate about teaching underprivileged students.  Naive as I was, I wanted a “Freedom Writers” type experience with my students.  This was so much so that my senior year of college I applied

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Thank You Notes Volume 1: Back to School

My husband stays up every night to watch Jimmy Fallon.  This is not a luxury we teachers can ever enjoy unless we want to feel like trolls when our alarms go off 5 hours after “Late Night” ends.  Often the next day he sends me clips from the show that

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Beating the Back to School Blues

How can it already be August 1st?   It seems like it was just yesterday that my Instagram feed was full of “end of the school year” memes, and now everywhere I go I am reminded that I will be returning to my classroom Thursday for another school year.  Going into

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5 Teacher To-Dos for the Summer

You’re free! You’re free!  You no longer need to set alarms for before 7 am, shower, or pack a lunch every night before bed.  Instead of staying up at night thinking through the next day’s lesson plans, you can stay up binge watching your newest Netflix addition.  I get it. 

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5 Ways to Survive the End of the School Year

We all know what this time of year brings.  The piles of papers that need to be graded have learned how to asexually reproduce themselves and daily grow to astronomical heights.   The Venti at Starbucks disappears before you’ve even put your car in park in the school parking lot.  You’ve

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Keep all of your contact with parents organized-- because teaching doesn't have to be rocket science!

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