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How to Engage Students in Discussion

My favorite classes in high school and college were the ones where teachers really talked to us and allowed us to share our thoughts and questions freely. Because of this, I have made it a priority to engage students in discussions from the very beginning of my teaching career. Even in my student teaching experience, it has been a critical component of my classroom culture. I’ve been in 3 different schools since then, all with a variety of student populations, and have been able to see their effectiveness in these very diverse environments. This has led me to think of them as even more important than I once did. Why??⁣

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A pep talk for teaching in a pandemic, how to survive a stressful school year

A Pep Talk to Survive Teaching in a Pandemic

How to survive a stressful school year Teaching in a pandemic – who could have EVER predicted this would be our lives? This year (2020) is one for the history books – literally. Whether you are reading this as you start the 20-21 school year in these bizarre circumstances, or

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4 Must Do Self Care Tips for Teachers to maintain work life balance

4 MUST DO Teacher Self-Care Tips

Now MORE THAN EVER BEFORE, teachers need to be conscious about caring for themselves. Teaching is already a stressful takes-everything-out-of-you-mentally-and-emotionally type of career, but now throw in a pandemic to the mix and schools requiring teachers to balance in-person, virtual, and/or hybrid teaching models, and it takes it to a whole other level. These are my 4 MUST-DO tips for teacher self-care that I’ve found critical for my own mental health going into a school year with so many unknowns. I urge you to take some time NOW, no matter when in the school year you are reading this, to stop what you are doing and set up some habits that will create healthy boundaries for yourself.

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It can be challenging to determine a classroom management strategy in the high school setting. Secondary students care much less about impressing their teacher than elementary do. This is one of my favorite tips for classroom management that I found success with over and over again with my high school students.

My Favorite Classroom Management Strategy

I learned MANY important lessons from this group, but one that really stands out to me that I held on to for years after was to ask for help. One afternoon after a particularly rough period I approached a veteran teacher in my hall and she taught me about using Board Points. Over the years her tip has grown to be my favorite whole-class classroom management strategy.

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Why You Should Be Using YouTube in Your Secondary Classroom

Travel to any classroom across the world and you will find teachers with mixed opinions about the use of technology in the education of their students. But nowadays it really isn’t avoidable anymore, and thus the questions have evolved from, “Should we use technology?” to “How much should we use it? What are the most effective tools for use? Are students really engaging with these methods?”

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Anatomy and Physiology Scope and Sequence

When I set out to write an anatomy and physiology full-year curriculum, I was excited about all of the opportunities that lay ahead. I’ve never designed a curriculum for an elective course before, a course that many states lack standards for (although I did make sure to study each state’s standards that did have them to incorporate as many as possible into the resources.) This provided me a great deal of freedom for the course design, and with that, I found that my creativity flourished.

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RADAR: A Problem Solving Technique for Students

  “I don’t even know where to begin.” “I don’t know what the question is asking.” “I don’t know what I am even looking for.” There is nothing more frustrating for a student (and a teacher) than looking at a question or problem and having no idea what to do

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