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Click below to hear about practical implementation for part 4: Ready for more help with building out the backbone of your curriculum? I’m ready to help! I know that this part might feel hard, and that is totally okay! Although it is one of my favorite parts of designing curriculum,

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Click below to hear about practical implementation for part 3: Lecture is the foundation when designing a curriculum. Now I know that may make some of you not very happy, but it’s true. However, when I say lecture is the foundation, I do not mean that it’s my top priority

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PRACTICAL IMPLEMENTATION: Parts 1 and 2 [Episode 82]

Click below to hear about practical implementation for parts 1 and 2: Have you been following along with our Curriculum Design mini-series and need just a little bit more support and context to complete parts 1 and 2? I’ve got you covered, teacher friend! I know the process of designing

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4 Ways to Use Your Summer Well [Episode 79]

Click below to hear 4 ways to use your summer well: Summer is in full swing and I could not be happier! It’s time to soak up the sunshine and enjoy the much needed time off. But if I’m honest, summer has always been a time of tension where I

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How Did You Do This Year? [Episode 76]

Click below to reflect on how you did this year: If you’re anything like me, you want to just make it through the last couple weeks of school and say GOODBYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE to another school year! But, before you close up your classroom for the summer, I encourage

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