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teaching biology

Mistakes teachers make when teaching biology

Let’s be honest – there is only so much we can learn in our undergraduate courses, student teaching experiences, and alternative certification programs. At the end of the day, so much that I’ve learned about being a teacher, and teaching biology specifically, has been through trial and error. If we want to get fancy, we can call it “action research” in my own classroom, like my graduate professors referred to it.

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student-centered Pedagogy

Student-Centered Pedagogy: What it is [episode 29]

Click below to hear about student-centered pedagogy: Ready to get off the stage and be in the audience with your students during your classes? That’s what we’re diving into in this new series focusing on student-centered pedagogy. We’re talking about everything you need to know about shifting your pedagogy to

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Using Summer Productively [episode 28]

Click below to hear about using summer productively: Summer is here which means you can finally rest after the long and demanding school year! We know the routine – hurry, stress, and go, go, go all school year so when summer comes, we just want to relax, recharge, and unplug.

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Leaving Work at Work [episode 26]

Click below to hear about leaving work at work: What are your worst work habits? Have you ever experienced the joy of actually leaving work at work? This month, I’m getting open and honest about all the bad work habits I established during my first few years in the classroom.

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teacher work week

5 Ways to Cut 10 Hours Off your Teacher Work Week

Teacher friend – if you are working 60+ hours a week, I can just about guarantee you aren’t going to be able to sustain this pace forever and last in this career. I can say this with confidence because I have been in your EXACT shoes, and I am here to help! I want to share with you five practical strategies for cutting 10 hours off your teacher work week that were an absolute game changer for me when I committed to reclaiming my life outside of the classroom and actually having work/life balance! Are you ready to simplify your life by changing how you approach your teacher work week? If so, these tips are for you!

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The Importance of Proactivity [episode 25]

Click below to hear about the importance of proactivity: During my first few years as a teacher, I developed some bad habits simply because I had so much to learn that could not be taught in a teacher certification program. There’s only so much you can learn about theories or

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I wish I had known: 4 teacher habits I wish I knew when I first started teaching that I learned the HARD WAY

I wish I had known: 4 Teacher Habits I Learned the Hard Way

If your undergraduate program or teacher certification program was anything like mine, you only learned a small amount of practical information to take with you into the classroom. And I am NOT blaming it on my professors by any means – there is just only so much you can learn from talking about theories, or even shadowing another teacher. So much of my teacher education has been a “trial by fire”, so to speak, of learning the hard way.

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parent communication

Issues with parent communication? 4 things to do differently next term

LOVED science and have especially had a heart for high school students (I volunteered with a ministry called Young Life for over a decade, and also coached a local high school dance team all through college). I knew from my teacher training program that a lot went in to teaching other than JUST teaching. I would have to write lesson plans, grade tests, prep labs, and go to faculty meetings. What I HIGHLY underestimated was how parent communication would be a HUGE part of my job.

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