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Combatting senioritis: 5 tips for battling senioritis and spring fever, even if your students aren't seniors

5 Tips for Combating Senioritis in your Science Classroom

It’s that time of year. The weather starts changing, the days start getting longer, and your students start becoming absolutely stir crazy. Some call it spring fever – I call it senioritis. And regardless of if you teach seniors or not, this “disease” does not discriminate based on student age (although seniors seem to be the MOST affected – if you’ve ever taught seniors, once they receive college acceptance letters, it is borderline game over).

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sub plans for secondary science

Making Sub Plans for Secondary Science

I don’t know if there are many jobs like teaching where it is actually HARDER to be out than it is to be there. Writing sub plans for secondary science teachers is almost always worse than powering through your dreaded seasonal allergies or actually making it to your bi-yearly dentist appointments.

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no-prep student-centered activities

My 4 favorite no-prep student-centered activities for high school science

If you are a secondary science teacher, I can bet that you are probably pretty tired from all of the responsibilities that go into your job. It can be hard to come up with ways to engage students in your classroom that don’t require a TON of behind-the-scenes prep work on your end. But have no fear, I am here to share my FAVORITE no-prep student-centered activities with you.

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