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5 Tips for Teaching Anatomy for the First Time

It’s that time of year again – back to school season! Depending on where you live, you may already be back in school, or you could still be hanging on to the last few weeks of blissful summertime. Some of you are getting your teaching schedules for the year and seeing that you are teaching anatomy for the first time!

This could totally excite you or totally terrify you. Either way, I am here to help! Anatomy is one of my all time favorite classes, and I am here to share with you 5 tips for teaching anatomy that will help you AND you students fall in love with this course!

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5 mistakes to avoid at the beginning of the school year

Beginning of the School Year: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

All signs are pointing to the beginning of the school year being upon us once again, teacher friends. The Target dollar spot is filled with school supplies. Lunchables are put out on the seasonal table at the front of Publix. And I am constantly waking up in the middle of

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Student Centered Pedagogy: How to do It [episode 31]

Click below to hear how to implement student centered pedagogy: Do you feel overwhelmed when thinking about shifting to student centered pedagogy? Does the thought of redoing EVERYTHING stress you out? This episode is for you! I am breaking down how simple it can be to shift your current lessons

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Student-Centered Pedagogy: Why Make the Shift [episode 30]

Click below to hear about why you should make the shift to student-centered pedagogy: Better serving your students while less is required of you? Sounds amazing, right? If you’re ready to make that happen, today’s episode is for you! We are continuing our new summer series on revamping our pedagogy

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