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Accepting Late Work

I’ve mentioned before that I have a few “series” I want to start writing to on this blog periodically.  One of the ones I am excited about is “Teaching Controversy.”  Especially as a secondary teacher, there are so many things that teachers debate over.  Curve tests, or not?  Allow re-takes, or not?  Provide study guides, or not?  This is because as secondary teachers we are in a tough position.  Over a four-year period in our classrooms, students are transitioning from being fresh out of middle school to being 18 years old, about to live on their own.  It is such an important time where life skills, critical thinking capabilities, and autonomy need to be cultivated if we want our students to be successful after graduation.  But how harsh is too harsh?  Where do we draw the line?  These issues can be tricky, which is why I want to open the door to discuss some of these controversial issues here.  I’d LOVE to hear your opinions because I definitely don’t feel like I have the perfect solution!

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Understanding the Next Generation Science Standards

We’ve all heard of Common Core.  Most of us have also heard of Next Generation Science Standards* (NGSS).   So what is the story?  What are these standards and what is it we should know about them as science educators?  In this post, I am going to give you a background

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5 Teacher To-Dos for the Summer

You’re free! You’re free!  You no longer need to set alarms for before 7 am, shower, or pack a lunch every night before bed.  Instead of staying up at night thinking through the next day’s lesson plans, you can stay up binge watching your newest Netflix addition.  I get it. 

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Exam Review: The Woes and the Wins

Midterm and Final Exam review…this could potentially be one of the worst parts about being a secondary teacher.  This pressure is especially amplified if your exam is a state standardized End of Course exam.  Your principal is sending you “encouraging” emails but they actually come out more job- and life-threatening. 

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5 Ways to Survive the End of the School Year

We all know what this time of year brings.  The piles of papers that need to be graded have learned how to asexually reproduce themselves and daily grow to astronomical heights.   The Venti at Starbucks disappears before you’ve even put your car in park in the school parking lot.  You’ve

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It’s Not Rocket Science®: The Beginning

I remember going through my education classes in undergrad, and then grad school, then getting my gifted and talented certification, and always thinking – aren’t we all just overcomplicating this a bit? Let me back up by saying I love learning (see previous post if you don’t believe me) and

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Why I never wanted to be a teacher

I have ALWAYS loved school.  I was that kid who asked for a white board for Christmas so I could teach my stuffed animals how to write in cursive.   I was that kid who couldn’t wait to open a fresh spiral notebook and begin filling it with notes at the

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