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Why I Love using stations in high school science

Why I Love to Use Stations in High School Science

When I was student teaching I had three roommates who were also student teaching – one of which was in elementary school. She would come home and often talk about the stations she did with her students and I remember thinking – that sounds fun! I wonder how it would

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Why High School Teachers Must Make Science Relevant

Make science relevant. This is most likely something you have heard about your entire teaching career. So why do I think this is more important for high school teachers now than ever before? This decade has only just begun but as I reflect on what has characterized it thus far,

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How to Engage Students in Discussion

My favorite classes in high school and college were the ones where teachers really talked to us and allowed us to share our thoughts and questions freely. Because of this, I have made it a priority to engage students in discussions from the very beginning of my teaching career. Even in my student teaching experience, it has been a critical component of my classroom culture. I’ve been in 3 different schools since then, all with a variety of student populations, and have been able to see their effectiveness in these very diverse environments. This has led me to think of them as even more important than I once did. Why??⁣

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A pep talk for teaching in a pandemic, how to survive a stressful school year

A Pep Talk to Survive Teaching in a Pandemic

How to survive a stressful school year Teaching in a pandemic – who could have EVER predicted this would be our lives? This year (2020) is one for the history books – literally. Whether you are reading this as you start the 20-21 school year in these bizarre circumstances, or

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