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What I wish I had known as a first year teacher

What I Wish I Had Known as a First Year Teacher

I know everyone says this, but it truly feels like yesterday that I was a first-year teacher. I will never forget the feeling of walking into my first classroom the summer before school starting and taking a big deep breath, reveling in the fact that this space would soon be

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Why I Don’t Assign Homework in High School

When I think back to my own high school experience, I think of late nights. Getting home from a 3-hour dance class or play practice only to find me up well past midnight to finish all of my homework afterward. And most of the time – I was just doing

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5 Teacher Prep Tips for Summer

Top 5 Teacher Prep Tips for the Summer

I get asked ALL the time, “How did you manage to only work 40 hours a week with 5 preps? How did you never bring work home? How did you maintain a 1 day turnaround policy for graded work?” There are a LOT of systems and strategies I put into

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4 Must-Have High School Classroom Systems

Hi, my name is Rebecca, and I am addicted to The Home Edit. If you spend more than 5 seconds with me, you will hear me talking about Joanna and Clea like they are my next-door neighbors. Why do I love them so much? Because they love systems and I

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Curriculum design 101

Curriculum Design 101 – How I do it

When you decided you wanted to be a teacher, you probably had all sorts of ideas for how you would change students’ lives and the exciting content that you would share with them. You most likely knew and were excited about curriculum design being a part of the job. Who

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