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Make lectures engaging 4 tips for lectures that are effective and engaging

4 Tips to Make Lectures Engaging

I love labs, model-building, and inquiry-based activities like any good secondary science teacher – but I also still really enjoy lecturing. Lectures don’t have to be boring like the 300+ person lecture hall courses you took in college. You CAN make lectures engaging – and I am here to share with you my 4 best strategies (plus a bonus tip for all of you currently still teaching virtually #blessyou) for doing so.

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Admin Support for Secondary Teachers that DOESN’T Cost Money

Admin support will make our break your job as a high school science teacher. More than any other job in K-12 education, high school teachers have the MOST additional responsibilities on their plate. This is in addition to lesson planning, grading, prepping labs, and actually, you know, teaching. Put the pressure of parents on secondary teachers to prepare their students for college, and the overwhelm can feel insurmountable at times.

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physics in physical science

Tips for Teaching Physics in Physical Science

I’m a life science girl at heart. I was a biological sciences (pre-med) major all throughout college, before adding in a secondary science education double major during my junior year. Biology, anatomy, and chemistry have always been my favorites. So when I found out at my first teaching job I

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4 things to STOP doing to simplify your teacher life

I feel like if these last few years with the pandemic have taught us anything, it is that our plates are TOO full and life is TOO short. We should be working to live, not living to work. This is a huge part of why I am so passionate about helping teachers find work/life balance. Want to simplify your teacher life so you can have more time and energy for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE??

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Labs on a Budget

If you are reading this, I am guessing (and hoping) you found me because you are a science teacher. Because of this, I know that labs are a huge part of what you do. But if your teaching situation is anything like mine was for 4 years of my career,

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