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End-of-Year Resource Audit [Episode 131]

Click below to do an end-of-year audit: With the end of the school year quickly approaching, your mind is on summer, relaxing, and taking a break from school. The last thing you probably want to do is start thinking about next school year. However, that’s exactly what I want you

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Teaching AP Chemistry With Zach Matson [Episode 127]

Click below to hear about teaching AP Chemistry: We’ve made it to our final episode in our AP science teacher interview series, and I’ve saved the best for last! When I sent out a survey several months ago, y’all requested to have him make another guest appearance, so here he

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Teaching AP Biology With Guest Beth Hines [Episode 125]

Click below to hear about teaching AP Bio:   As we move forward with focusing on the different AP science classes, this week, we’re focusing on AP Biology. This class comes with a lot of content, material, reading, and prior background knowledge to help students succeed and prepare for the

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How to Cut Your Grading Time in Half [Episode 120]

Click below to hear how to cut your grading time in half: Everyone is trying to achieve a work-life balance, but for teachers, that simple concept is actually very complicated. One of the reasons teachers struggle so much with having a life outside of school is the amount of grading

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