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Midyear Reflections and Reset [Episode 58]

Click below to hear about midyear reflections: Oh the second half of the school year. Making it to the end of the school year may seem like a daunting task to you. I get it! But what if you spent the next few months thriving instead of just surviving? Today,

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Why NOT to Assign Work Over Breaks [Episode 52]

Click below to hear why I don’t like to assign work over breaks: Confession time: One of my biggest regrets from my time spent in the classroom is assigning homework over school breaks. Not only did I assign homework over breaks, but sometimes I would even assign projects to cover

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Winter science activities: 4 free resources for high school science

4 FUN Winter Science Activities for High School

It’s officially December which in most parts of the Northern hemisphere means winter. I live in the southern part of the U.S. so winter really means sweating through our days in sweaters we probably don’t mean and having bonfires while still being eaten up by mosquitos. BUT, despite the lack

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Ask me Anything! All YOUR Questions Answered! [Episode 50]

Click below to hear my answers to your questions in this “ask me anything” episode: It’s finally here! It’s the 50th episode of Secondary Science Simplified! To celebrate, I’m answering all of your burning questions inside of this special “ask me anything” episode. I am so excited to answer every

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