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chemistry in physical science

Tips for Teaching Chemistry in Physical Science

While I am a life science girl at heart, chemistry was one of my favorite courses in high school (most likely because I had an amazing teacher for it who saw me all the way through from Chem 1 to AP Chem). But if I am perfectly honest with you, I was intimidated by teaching chemistry in physical science as a course, even though I personally love chemistry. I may love it and it may make perfect sense in my brain, but that doesn’t mean I would be good at teaching it!!

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Midyear Reset Part 2 [Episode 3]

Click below to hear about a midyear reset: Do you ever look back on your day and feel like you were scrambling but got nothing done? Maybe you’re having one of those years in the classroom that feels like you’re barely keeping your head above water and there just aren’t

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Midyear Reset Part 1 [Episode 2]

Click below to hear about a midyear reset: Have you ever had one of those school years where you wanted to start the summer countdown in January? Trust me, you’re not alone. I’ve experienced this myself, but  I’ve got good news! There is no student, class, or school year that

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Make lectures engaging 4 tips for lectures that are effective and engaging

4 Tips to Make Lectures Engaging

I love labs, model-building, and inquiry-based activities like any good secondary science teacher – but I also still really enjoy lecturing. Lectures don’t have to be boring like the 300+ person lecture hall courses you took in college. You CAN make lectures engaging – and I am here to share with you my 4 best strategies (plus a bonus tip for all of you currently still teaching virtually #blessyou) for doing so.

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