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Labs on a Budget

If you are reading this, I am guessing (and hoping) you found me because you are a science teacher. Because of this, I know that labs are a huge part of what you do. But if your teaching situation is anything like mine was for 4 years of my career,

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project-based learning in high school science

Project-Based Learning in High School Science

Several years ago my district encouraged us to really start moving towards project-based learning in high school science especially – but really in every department at my school. At first, it just felt like ANOTHER new initiative being forced on us, if I am honest. But the more I studied

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How to Use Discovery Stations

When I think back to my experience taking anatomy and physiology, I think of labeling diagrams and reading textbooks to help memorize the names of all of the structures. These aren’t exactly the most positive of memories. So when I set out to write my anatomy curriculum for my students,

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study guides in high school

How I do Study Guides in High School Science

It didn’t take long into my teaching career to realize that my students had no idea how to prepare for tests. While many schools are moving away from tests as a whole, I have still taught in multiple schools that give tests at the completion of each unit as a

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