Hi! I'm Rebecca!

I make creative and comprehensive science resources that engage students AND simplify teachers' lives.

Teaching doesn't have to be rocket science!!​

I see you, teacher friend.

You’ve got 3+ preps, a sink filled with crusty glassware, a stack of lab reports on your desk, and a staff meeting to get to. Not to mention an NHS service project to oversee and a volleyball game to attend.

Maybe you’ve just been thrown a new prep and are dreading having to piece together a hodgepodge curriculum with resources you’ve found on Google.

Maybe you are teaching in an old math classroom, without a beaker to your name, and don’t know how to engage your students with such limited space and resources.

Or maybe you are just tired of being constantly overwhelmed by everything that goes into our jobs as secondary science teachers, and that distracts you from doing what you really love doing – actually TEACHING your students.

You are not alone!

I’ve been in your exact shoes – balancing 5 preps (one of which was AP biology), running student council, chairing the prom committee, and tutoring every afternoon. That kind of pace that isn’t sustainable, and won’t allow you to last in this career unless something changes.

Let me help you!

I’m a Type A, Enneagram 1, organization addict who once believed that being the last car in the parking lot was the sign of a really great teacher…

…until I learned that it is actually the sign of a really tired and overworked one. 

I also believed that if I ACTUALLY had a lab in my classroom, or access to more resources, or an existent science budget that I could better engage my students…

…until I learned that you can do a WHOLE LOT with a whole little, as long as you have creativity.

Thus, It’s Not Rocket Science®️ was born. 

I use this corner of the internet to share my resources, strategies, and systems to help other high school science teachers reclaim their weekends, be home at a reasonable hour, and leave work at work – all while engaging their students despite having little to no resources.

I started It’s Not Rocket Science® because I care deeply about:

Let me help simplify this job for you so that you can reclaim your weekends AND focus more on what you really love doing - actually TEACHING!

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