Teaching and ADHD – Practical Tips for You AND Your Students with Guest Bri Plyler [Episode 63]


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Students and teachers with ADHD have unique struggles and challenges when it comes to work and school tasks. Whether you are a teacher who has ADHD or you have students who have ADHD, understanding how different strategies may help can be incredibly beneficial. I am no expert in ADHD so I am so grateful that Bri Plyler is joining us today to share some amazing information on ADHD in the secondary science classroom.

We all likely know someone who has ADHD, diagnosed or not, so having a better understanding of how it may affect people and strategies to help is so important. In this episode, Bri is sharing her career history and background, some ADHD markers, actionable tips for teachers and students with ADHD, and recommendations specifically for helping secondary science teachers tackle everything on their plate.

Bri Plyler is an ICF certified life coach serving women and men with ADHD who are ready to shift from a life of constant panic to living on purpose. Bri is the founder of Current ADHD and creator of the Instagram community, @currentadhdcoaching (100k strong & growing!). As an entrepreneur with ADHD and a relentless optimist, her passion is sharing the message that struggles and success go hand in hand. You can learn more about Bri and her coaching at currentadhd.com or on Instagram.

We’d LOVE to hear how this episode made an impact on you or any changes you plan to make to help your students with ADHD! Reach out to me or Bri on Instagram and let us know your takeaways and if you have any follow-up questions on teaching and ADHD.

Topics Discussed About Teaching and ADHD:

  • Bri’s career history, what led her to becoming a life coach for men and women with ADHD, and what led to her diagnoses as an adult
  • What are ADHD markers in adults and students and what to do if you think you have ADHD
  • Strategies and actionable tips for teachers and students with ADHD
  • Advice for secondary teachers balancing several preps and other responsibilities
  • Why it’s important to allow students to see if you struggle with ADHD 
  • Tips and strategies to help students with ADHD, whether diagnosed or not
  • Bri’s insight into if batching tasks is beneficial for people with ADHD
  • Some helpful tips and advice from my Instagram community

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