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Rethinking Demos and More with Guest Dr. Erica Colón [Episode 61]


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Many of us are looking ahead to the end of the school year because we are just burnt out. The last thing we want to think about is coming up with or preparing demos for our classes. I get it! That is one of the reasons I am so excited to have who I consider to be the “Demo Queen” joining us today. Prepare to be inspired, brecause Dr. Erica Colón, from @nittygrittyscience, is here to share her tips and insights with us about demos and so much more!

Erica has so much great advice for new and veteran teachers. In this episode, she is sharing her background and experience, why she started Nitty Gritty Science Jr., misconceptions about demos, advice on rethinking demos, and what she wishes she could go back and do differently as a new teacher. 

Dr. Erica Colón is a National Board Certified Teacher with over twelve years of teaching experience in 6th-12th grade secondary science. In 2012 she founded Nitty Gritty Science, LLC, a science curriculum publishing company, and uses her social media platform to share science teaching resources and ideas.

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Topics Discussed in This Episode About Rethinking Demos:

  • Dr. Erica Colon’s background, experience, and how she got started with Nitty Gritty Science
  • Why Erica started Nitty Gritty Science Jr. and important things for middle school teachers to understand about science in elementary grades
  • Erica’s advice for teachers who don’t feel comfortable doing demos with their classes
  • Why teachers who are feeling burnt out should begin rethinking demos, and how to do it without adding more stress
  • What Erica wishes she could go back and do differently when she was a new teacher (and a simple thing you can do to improve your teaching!)
  • Her advice on rethinking demos and more, specifically for middle school teachers and for high school teachers
  • Grab your FREE Valentine’s themed high school science activities

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