School Counselor Partnerships, Life Hacks, and Laughter with Guest Lauren Tingle [Episode 53]


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Did this year fly by for anybody else? I cannot believe it’s winter break and we’re already at the end of 2022!

Winter break is a time to rest, recharge, and have fun. One of my best friends, Lauren Tingle of the Counselor Clique, is here today and bringing great advice and some laughter to all of us to wrap up the year. She is talking life hacks, self-care, teacher and school counselor partnerships, and so much more! 

You know how much I love giving you tips to help simplify your life inside the classroom so I thought it would be perfect for us to share ways to simplify your life outside of the classroom as well.

In this episode, Lauren and I are talking a bit about school related topics like what it’s like working with friends, why teachers should put time into school counselor partnerships, Lauren’s best and worst experiences with teachers, and the importance of setting boundaries.

But, because most of you are on break right now, we wanted to share tips to help you rest and recharge during breaks, life hacks that will serve your future self, and 3 things that are saving our lives right now and may help simplify your life as well!

Lauren is a former high school counselor turned content creator and curriculum writer. She is the high school counseling hype girl behind Counselor Clique helping other high school counselors energize and breathe life into their programs through creative and engaging counseling resources.

She’s also the host of the podcast “High School Counseling Conversations” where she brings value and fun into high school counseling!

Topics Discussed in This Episode About School Counselor Partnerships:

  • How Lauren and I know each other and what it was like working together
  • Why teachers should have school counselor partnerships to best serve their students 
  • How to protect your mental health and practice self-care
  • Why it is so important to set boundaries when it comes to leaving work at work
  • Lauren’s best and worst experiences with teachers
  • Tips for how to rest and recharge during breaks and when you get back to school so you aren’t living for school breaks
  • 3 things that are saving our lives right now and may help simplify your life as well
  • 1 way Lauren has simplified her life recently

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