My Favorite Episodes in 2022 from the Secondary Science Simplified podcast

secondary simplified science podcast

Y’all, it has been a YEAR for the Secondary Science Simplified podcast, let me tell you!! This time last year I had just finished recording my trailer (which took me no less than 20 tries) and was anxiously writing up outlines to record my very first episodes. I had no idea what would come of the podcast but was excited to use it as a new way to reach and serve secondary science teachers!

And now here we are, one year and 50+ episodes later! It has been one of the most fun things I have done in this business and I am SO GRATEFUL to each and every one of you who has listened to and shared the podcast. Y’all are truly the reason I take the time to put these episodes together and it makes my DAY every time I get a DM from you about an episode or with a request for a future episode topic! Keep them coming!!

To finish out this first year (of hopefully many) of the Secondary Science Simplified podcast, I wanted to share with you a round-up of my favorite podcast episodes from the year. If you missed any of these, make sure and go back to give them a listen!!! I wouldn’t be sharing about them again if I didn’t think they had immense value for you!

Secondary Science Simplified podcast Episode #4: Engaging your Students in the First Five minutes of Class

secondary simplified science podcast

Y’all I LOVE this episode because it is all about one of the things I am absolutely the most passionate about – how you spend the first five minutes of your class period.

I call this time “Prime Time” because I think it is THE most important part of your class period. My bell ringers are even called Prime Times and are what I believe to be my most effective engagement tool AND classroom management tool.

Even though this is one of my very first episodes I ever recorded, it is still one of my favorites because I so desperately want every teacher to take advantage of this time! So if you haven’t already, give this episode a listen, and check out this blog post and this one for more support with implementing Prime Times! After your midyear break is the PERFECT time to start these if you haven’t yet this school year!

Listen to Episode #4 here!

Secondary Science Simplified podcast Episode #19: Collaboration, Classroom Management, Career Changes, and MORE with Guest Jamie Whitlock

secondary simplified science podcast

When I started the Secondary Science Simplified podcast, I was honestly the MOST nervous about doing guest interviews. What if no one wanted to be on my podcast? What if I was a terrible interviewer and conversationalist? What if the interview turned out awkward and I didn’t want to share it with my audience?

I was so lucky this year with my guest interviews. I got to interview 90% of the people that I asked and I enjoyed each one SO MUCH. I personally learned so much from each episode that it was SO HARD to pick my favorites from the guest interviews*. But when reflecting back on all the episodes of 2022, I had to pick this interview with Jamie as one of my favorites.

Jamie is one of my favorite teachers of all time. While I wasn’t her student, I did get to be her coworker, teaching the same classes as her during my first few years in the classroom. I learned SO MUCH from watching how she taught and she was incredibly impactful in a lot of the things that make me the teacher that I am.

I honestly love this interview because I love HER, but that’s not the only reason. She shares amazing advice, especially for new science teachers, and I could have literally talked to her for hours. I am hoping to have her on the podcast again in 2023 so if you haven’t already, give her episode a listen, and then let me know if you really do want to hear from Jamie again!

Listen to Episode #19 here!

*Seriously, if you don’t listen to anything on this podcast, listen to all the guest episodes. I will link them all below for easy access but they really are the best. I learned so much from each of these people and lovedddd my conversations with them!!

Secondary Science Simplified podcast Episode #33: 5 Mistakes to Avoid at the Beginning of the Year

secondary simplified science podcast

This was one of my favorite episodes to record because I LOVE all things related to procedures and routines – but it was also y’all’s favorite this year! Of the 54 episodes published this year, this episode was the most downloaded of all!

This episode is where I share 5 mistakes that I used to make in my classroom that I want YOU to not make, too. And while these 5 things are best to be avoided from the very beginning of the school year, that doesn’t mean you can’t make changes NOW. Yes, it may be harder midyear but it IS doable and I REALLY believe it is worth it. Curious to hear more? Be sure to listen to this episode.

Do you have mistakes you’ve made in your classroom that you now avoid at all costs? I’d love to hear. Shoot me a DM on Instagram and tell me!

Listen to the audience’s favorite episode of the year here!

Secondary Science Simplified podcast Episode #35: Competency, Classroom Management, Teaching Chemistry and MORE with Guest Zach Matson

secondary simplified science podcast

This was the second most downloaded episode of the year by y’all and I am just SO GLAD to see it because this is by far one of my favorite episodes, too. In this episode, I interviewed my very own chemistry teacher, Zach Matson.

Never have I ever been more nervous for an episode!! But I honestly could have talked to him for hours and I am already planning for SURE to have him back in the spring for a series I am working on (I should probably make sure he knows that…)

I wanted to interview Zach to specifically share advice for new chemistry teachers and he for sure delivered there, but he covered SO many other great things too. I also think he’s hilarious and I laughed so much during this interview and listening back to it afterward. I continue to learn so much from him, even now nearly two decades after having him as my teacher, and I hope you will too.

Learn from my favorite teacher ever in this episode here!

Secondary Science Simplified podcast Episode #38: Beginning of the Year Pep Talk

secondary simplified science podcast

I really enjoyed doing this episode, mostly because it was a topic that you all requested. So many of you messaged me this fall telling me you were feeling down and not motivated for this school year. You asked for a pep talk and this episode was born!

I love this episode because it’s my chance to cheer you on and encourage you, but also to practically give you permission to do things differently this school year for the sake of yourself. If you feel down and out this school year, give it a listen.

Listen to this episode if you need encouragement!

It has been so fun to join you on your commutes to school this past year, and I hope you will continue to let me do it in 2023 as well! If you’ve enjoyed the podcast at all, the greatest gift to me would be for you to leave a review wherever you listen to podcasts. It encourages ME so much to see and helps other teachers find the podcast.

Thank you for all your support of the Secondary Science Simplified podcast! I’ll “see you” in 2023!!

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