Visuals, Middle School, Maternity Leave, and MORE with Guest Rachael Lasky [Episode 49]


Click below to hear Rachael talk about visuals, middle school, and maternity leave:

Going through different seasons of life and experiences will definitely change your perspective on teaching. From teaching in a classroom with no windows, sinks, or up-to-date posters to display to taking maternity leave during a sub shortage, our guest today has had a wide range of experiences that have influenced her mindset around teaching. I am so excited to have @the_weird_science_teacher, Rachael Lasky, with us today!

Rachael has such great experience when it comes to teaching middle school science and is sharing amazing wisdom on using visuals for teaching, work/life balance, and so much more! This episode is full of excellent insight, especially for middle school science teachers.

Rachael is sharing why she loves teaching middle school science, her experiences and advice for taking maternity leave at the beginning of the school year, how she uses visuals in her lessons, and advice for middle school teachers. 

Rachael is a 7th grade Life and Physical Science Teacher in Virginia. She has been teaching for 8 years and finds success when incorporating visuals in her lessons. These visuals are incorporated into anchor charts, notes, review games and stations when working with her students. Much of this is shared with the teaching community on Instagram through her handle, The Weird Science Teacher.

I am beginning to plan out guest episodes for 2023 and would love to know who you would like to hear from on the podcast. Send me a message on Instagram or email me at rebecca@itsnotrocketscienceclassroom.com and let me know who you would like me to interview!

Topics Discussed in This Episode on Visuals, Middle School, and Maternity Leave:

  • Rachael’s background ,experience, and why she teaches middle school science
  • Her experiences taking maternity leave at the beginning of the school year and advice for maternity leave
  • The importance of building relationships with students and prioritizing where to focus your energy
  • How she uses visuals in her class and why they are so beneficial to her students
  • What she would do differently her first few years of teaching 
  • Rachael’s advice for middle school teachers
  • One way Rachael has simplified her life in a beneficial way

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