Ask me Anything! All YOUR Questions Answered! [Episode 50]


Click below to hear my answers to your questions in this “ask me anything” episode:

It’s finally here! It’s the 50th episode of Secondary Science Simplified! To celebrate, I’m answering all of your burning questions inside of this special “ask me anything” episode. I am so excited to answer every single question you sent in. 

I absolutely love connecting with you all and answering your questions. That is why I knew I needed to do an “Ask Me Anything” episode and you all did not disappoint! In this episode, I am answering all your questions from what I’m currently doing, curriculum writing, advice for first year and student teachers, classroom management, labs, and maternity leave, to who my favorite Instagram follows are and my most regrettable fashion choices.  

I am so grateful to share the 50th episode of Secondary Science Simplified! To celebrate, we are doing a GIVEAWAY! The lucky winner will receive a $100 gift card to the It’s Not Rocket Science resource shop! To enter, leave a  review for the podcast wherever you listen to podcasts, take a screenshot, and DM it to me on Instagram @its.not.rocket.science. Winner will be selected on December 1st, 2022.

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Topics Discussed in This “Ask Me Anything” Episode:

  • 50th episode giveaway details
  • What I am currently doing and if I’ll go back to the classroom
  • What I would be doing if I wasn’t teaching science or in education
  • My favorite and least favorite parts of writing curriculum
  • Advice for first year teachers and student teachers
  • Classroom management tips for when labs get out of control
  • Determining which labs to do and advice for how to do them in the classroom
  • Tips for writing a curriculum
  • Using the It’s Not Rocket Science units during maternity leave
  • What to do when you’re in a PLC and required to give certain tests
  • Some fun information about me!

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Secondary Science Simplified is a podcast specifically for high school science teachers that will help you to engage your students AND simplify your life as a secondary science educator. Each week Rebecca, from It’s Not Rocket Science, and her guests will share practical and easy-to-implement strategies for decreasing your workload so that you can stop working overtime and start focusing your energy doing what you love – actually teaching!

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