Incorporating STEAM as Secondary Teachers with Guest Dr. Sarah Habibi [Episode 46]


Click below to hear ideas for incorporating STEAM in secondary science classrooms:

STEM is so important to teach our students to create lifelong learners and problem solvers. Integrating STEM into secondary science classes doesn’t need to be overwhelming or stressful thanks to @Science.Bae, Dr. Sarah Habibi! She is joining us today to give us some insight on STEAM and how we can teach it in our classes.

We are so lucky to have Dr. Sarah Habibi join us today to share her experiences and knowledge! She is sharing all about her unique career journey, why we should teach STEM to our students, how to integrate STEM and STEAM in secondary classrooms, why she loves teaching on social media, and simple ways to incorporate STEM at home. 

Sarah is so enthusiastic and encouraging when it comes to teaching STEAM! You’ll walk away from this episode feeling fired up and inspired to incorporate more STEAM in your classroom and at home.

Dr. Sarah Habibi is a molecular biologist, educator, digital content creator, and new mom to her son Noah. Sarah uses the power of social media to promote experimentation in STEAM and enhance student learning, through her popular page Science Bae on Instagram and TikTok. Sarah uses her 4+ years of teaching and curriculum development experience, Bachelor of Education Degree, PhD in molecular biology, and Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT) designation to make her teaching educational, accessible, and engaging.

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Topics Discussed in This Episode on STEAM in Secondary Science:

  • Dr. Sarah Habibi’s unique journey to teaching STEM on social media
  • The importance of teaching STEM to our students in order to create lifelong learners and problem-solvers
  • How the arts actually mix very well into science 
  • How to integrate STEAM in secondary science classes
  • Why she loves teaching on social media 
  • Simple ways to incorporate STEM at home in everyday situations and using her free weekly activities
  • One way she has simplified her life recently
  • Submit your questions for our 50th episode via email rebecca@itsnotrocketscienceclassroom.com or a DM on Instagram before NOVEMBER 8th

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