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Competency, Classroom Management, Teaching Chemistry and MORE with Guest Zach Matson [Episode 35]


Click Below to Hear about Teaching Chemistry with Guest, Zach Matson:

Wouldn’t it be nice to get some honest insights and tips about teaching chemistry from an amazing teacher with an INSANE amount of experience?

Lucky for us, my high school chemistry teacher is joining me today to do just that! Zach Matson is sharing the great insight and knowledge he has gained in his 20+ years of teaching.

We cover a little bit of everything and you are definitely going to walk away with some great tips and feeling more encouraged to take on whatever is thrown your way while teaching chemistry!

In this episode, we are covering everything from what Zach wished he knew his first years teaching to AP Chemistry tips. Zach is sharing his background and how he got into teaching, his advice for new chemistry teachers and what he wished he did differently his first few years teaching, the importance of building rapport for classroom management, tips for doing demos and implementing lab days, and so much more!

Zach Matson has been teaching since 2001 and is  certified in secondary chemistry, physics, and mathematics. He holds a BS in Chemistry, a BA in Spanish, a BA in Computer Science, an M.Ed from Valparaiso University, and an M.S. in Engineering.

He has spent the past 19 years teaching all levels of chemistry in Lexington, Kentucky. If you’re interested in checking out some of the videos Zach mentioned, you can find them on his YouTube channel

Would you like to hear about his thoughts on working with difficult parents and admin? Send me a message on Instagram and let me know if hearing his thoughts on this would be helpful!

I always love to hear what you would find beneficial! Please DM me any topics you’d like me to cover so I can best serve YOU!

Topics Discussed on Teaching Chemistry:

  • Zach’s background and why he chose to go into education
  • What he wishes he knew in his first few years in the classroom and what advice he would give new chemistry teachers
  • What advice Zach has for implementing labs and demos in your classroom and what to avoid, especially in your first few years
  • How Zach builds rapport with students and focuses on relationship building for effective classroom management
  • How to handle students who have never struggled before but are struggling in your class
  • Great tips on teaching AP Chemistry (or any AP course)
  • How to best utilize a T.A. program if it is available to you

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