Student-Centered Pedagogy: Why Make the Shift [episode 30]


Click below to hear about why you should make the shift to student-centered pedagogy:

Better serving your students while less is required of you? Sounds amazing, right? If you’re ready to make that happen, today’s episode is for you! We are continuing our new summer series on revamping our pedagogy to make it more student centered and this is an episode you don’t want to miss!

We have all heard that students learn best by doing, not by hearing. Let’s be real, the same is true for us as adults! Active inquiry-based learning is powerful for everyone. I know it can seem overwhelming to make the shift from lecture-style, teacher-centered teaching to student centered teaching, but it can have such a huge impact on both students and teachers.

When I think about myself as an educator, I think that I can always do a better job pushing my students to be more responsible for their own learning and to create more learning experiences. I also know from my own personal experience, that this is a lot easier said than done!

I had some amazing professors in college who really modeled inspired me to use inquiry based teaching methods. Only I found that when I attempted to use these with my own students in my classroom, I was met with so much opposition.

My students would say things like “this is too hard” or “you aren’t actually teaching us anything”. I had so much pushback. But I think these refrains that we constantly are hearing from our students are actually even more of a reason to make this shift.

That’s why in today’s episode, we are looking at how to prevent opposition and student apathy, the importance of equipping our students to be independent learners and critical thinkers, and how taking us out of the center stage leaves more room for us to better serve our students.

We will be covering how to shift our pedagogy in the next 2 episodes. Until then, check out my FREE classroom reset challenge that walks you through five tasks you can complete to help you be more prepared for the school year. 

Topics Discussed on Why to Make the Shift:

  • The number 1 reason you should make the shift to student centered pedagogy
  • Tips on preventing and managing some of the pushback or student apathy that may come along when you make the shift
  • How student centered pedagogy helps with meeting student needs and building one on one relationships with students
  • Why taking the spotlight off of you and on to the students helps them to be more engaged while leaving you less drained
  • Overview of the classroom reset challenge

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