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Ending the Year Strong by Setting Summer Rocks and Boundaries [episode 23]


Click below to hear about how you can set up rocks and set boundaries:

We are wrapping up this month’s Ending the Year Strong series with my favorite strategy…how you can set up rocks and boundaries for yourself this summer. In each of the first three episodes of this series, I have given you a simple challenge that can have a big impact and set you up for success next school year.

Whether you’re a teacher who has a hard time unplugging from work for the summer, or you’re a teacher who leaves all your schoolwork behind and goes into the new school year feeling behind, today’s challenge will benefit you.

In this episode, I’ll share an analogy about managing your priorities so that you can fit the most important things into your life and avoid distractions that can drain your energy. Taking a little time to identify your priorities, or rocks, for the summer and setting boundaries around them can be so valuable. This will help you get rid of that constant feeling of overwhelm and lack of energy.

Creating a work-life balance will increase your energy so you can be productive and enjoy your time off guilt-free, allowing you to head into the next school year rested, refreshed, and ready to be the best teacher you can be for your students.

After listening, I want you to take some time to think through this school year. Set up rocks  for yourself. I want you to stick to three rocks! It could be recording videos, or batch lesson planning. Whatever will make your life easier when the upcoming school year arrives!

After you’ve set up rocks, think through your summer and create a schedule so that you can have boundaries. Decide when you’ll work on accomplishing your rocks.

Send me a message on Instagram @its.not.rocket.science and let me know what they are!

If you’re looking for more support this summer on how to simplify your life, be sure to join the waitlist for the Secondary Science Simplified Course. Taking this course could be a great rock for you to focus on this summer!

Topics Discussed on How to Set Up Rocks and Set Boundaries:

  • Why it’s important to take time to identify your priorities (rocks), especially during summer break
  • Tips for setting boundaries around your priorities so you don’t get distracted
  • Examples of what your rocks could look like and examples of things that may be distracting you
  • Deciding how many rocks to focus on this summer and avoiding the trap of choosing boulders instead of rocks

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