A Look Inside the Secondary Science Simplified Course with 14-Year Teacher, Nikki Pryor [episode 24]


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“There’s no reason not to take this course. I had been a teacher for 13 years. I thought I knew about education. I’ve taught a lot of different things, and I’ve learned a lot and been through a lot of difficult situations, and I thought that made me better. It didn’t make me better. What it did for sure is make me more tired because I kept carrying around the heavy weight of, How can I make this work for me and still have a life outside of work?. Going through the course…who knew that it could just go ahead and take the little spark that’s inside of an educator and turn it into a roaring flame!” – Nikki Pryor

Like many teachers who have been in the classroom these last few years, today’s guest is a passionate educator who found herself exhausted at the end of a long and trying school year. When Nikki Pryor heard me share about the Secondary Science Simplified Course I was offering last summer, she knew it was exactly what she needed. She was ready to take a proactive approach and find a way to simplify her life and stop “chasing her tail.” 

Now, Nikki is here a year later to discuss how taking the course last summer impacted her. She shares how this course is different from any other professional development she has taken in her 14 years of teaching. She’ll talk about her favorite parts of the course, and some of the things she implemented during the school year that completely changed the dynamics of her classroom.

Nikki is currently in her 14th year, teaching science in the public school system of Oklahoma. In addition to being an educator, she’s a small business owner, mother of two, and a proud military wife.

The Secondary Science Simplified Course opens its doors for enrollment in mid-June, and we’d love to have you join! The enrollment window is only open for 2 weeks, so be sure to join the waitlist so you don’t miss it! I created the course to help teachers practically simplify their jobs so that they could have work-life balance. This is a virtual professional development course where you work at your own pace.

While you’re waiting for the doors to open, you can join me for a completely FREE course I’m offering called 3 Secrets to Stress-Free Lab Days. This 1-hour virtual training is all about how to prepare and manage lab days specifically so that you can enjoy them as much as your students do. This free training gives you a chance to experience my teaching style and to see what virtual professional development with me as your teacher is like.

Topics Discussed on Nikki’s Experience With the Secondary Science Simplified Course:

  • The moment Nikki knew she needed the Secondary Science Simplified Course and why she decided to was so ready to dive in, even though she was exhausted
  • Nikki’s favorite parts of the course and why she thinks summer is the best time to take it
  • The importance of having a supportive community and a safe space to connect with others and share resources
  • How the Secondary Science Simplified Course compares to other PD courses Nikki has taken and why she believes it is so much more effective
  • What Nikki implemented in her classroom from the course and how her school year improved after taking the course

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Secondary Science Simplified is a podcast specifically for high school science teachers that will help you to engage your students AND simplify your life as a secondary science educator. Each week Rebecca, from It’s Not Rocket Science, and her guests will share practical and easy-to-implement strategies for decreasing your workload so that you can stop working overtime and start focusing your energy doing what you love – actually teaching!

Teaching doesn’t have to be rocket science, and you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to simplify your secondary science teaching life so that you can enjoy your life outside of school even more. Head to itsnotrocketscienceclassroom.com/challenge to grab your FREE Classroom Reset Challenge.

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