Celebrating Earth Day in Your Secondary Science Classes [episode 17]


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For the month of April, I’m doing podcast episodes all based on your questions and requests. I love making episodes that are helpful to you, so if there’s something you want to hear about on the podcast, shoot me a DM on Instagram and let me know! Last week, in episode 16, I covered one of the most requested topics, how to write sub plans for secondary science. Be sure to go back and listen if you missed it!

Today’s episode is all about celebrating Earth Day in your secondary science class. We’ll cover why you should take time to celebrate with your students and exactly how to do that in simple yet effective ways. 

Earth Day is a time to pause and assess practical ways each individual can contribute to helping the environment, whether that’s in their homes, their schools, or their workplace. I love that Earth Day has united people from all political, societal, and economic backgrounds. 

It’s a day that bridges gaps across streets, neighborhoods, states, and even continents because it is the largest secular holiday in the entire world.

As secondary science teachers, it’s critical that we keep science relevant for our students. Celebrating Earth Day in our classrooms does that by allowing our students to be a part of something that is being celebrated worldwide. 

We are some of the last people that have a chance to impact these future leaders before they are set free into the world to make their own choices and decisions. We have a duty to consistently expose them to ways that they can make significant contributions to society. 

The sustainable living that Earth Day promotes is absolutely a cause worth inviting our students to know more about and be a part of. Tune in as I share practical and simple strategies that will give your students a memorable experience and effective learning opportunities that they can apply to their lives for years to come.

Topics Discussed on Celebrating Earth Day:

  • Simple tips to get your students excited about celebrating Earth Day that will show them how much they matter as an individual in this world and encourage them to make a difference in their lives, their homes, and their school
  • One of my favorite no-prep ways to get your students thinking about sustainability and what’s going on in our world
  • An effective, low-prep project that will take your students deep and let them see how they can be a part of the solution when it comes to impacting the environment as they research and take actionable steps in their own lives
  • 3 ways to get the whole school involved in celebrating and observing Earth Day in meaningful ways

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