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Teaching Seniors, AP Biology, and MORE with Diana Price [Episode 15]


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What better way to top off our mini-series on Senioritis than an interview with a teacher who has a lot of experience teaching seniors in her career. I am so excited to welcome my friend, Diana Price, to the show today!   

In this episode, Diana shares some tips for how she personally handles senioritis with her students. She also talks about her entire teaching experience, from starting out as a floater teaching at the high school she went to, to now teaching mid-pandemic at a small private school as the only teacher who teaches the 5 preps that she has.

Diana shares a wealth of knowledge, especially in relation to her experiences teaching AP biology. Even if you don’t teach AP biology, you’ll walk away from this episode with some practical strategies for simplifying your life as a secondary science teacher.

Diana is a full-time high school science teacher that has been in the classroom the last decade. She received her undergraduate degree from Clemson University in Secondary Science Education and her Masters from Clemson in Biological Sciences (Go Tigers!).  She currently lives in Beaufort, SC with her loving husband, daughter, and yellow lab. 

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Topics Discussed with Diana on Teaching Seniors:

  • What Diana has learned throughout her years teaching seniors, AP biology, and tips for new AP bio teachers
  • How Diana organizes her lesson plans and keeps notes for the following year so she can improve her lessons from year to year
  • Letting go of the idea that you need to do “all of the things” and how to choose what you’re going to focus on so you can maximize your effectiveness
  • Grading for AP bio and how it differs from grading in other courses
  • Diana’s strategy for preparing her AP bio students for the exam without reviewing during class time
  • How Diana combats senioritis by pressing on, keeping expectations high, and developing strong relationships with her students

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