Combating Senioritis Part 2: Using Student-Centered Activities [Episode 13]


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Fighting students for their attention is the last thing you want to do when combating Senioritis. The more choices we can provide for our students, the better our chances for finishing the year on a positive note and avoiding the symptoms of Senioritis.

It is possible to provide choices to students without spending tons of time prepping and exhausting yourself as a teacher. When you shift as many activities as possible to be student-centered, you take most of the prep-work out of your own hands and put the responsibility for learning back on the students. 

Whether you teach seniors or not, most students (and teachers) suffer from Senioritis, so it’s important that we find ways to change things up to keep our students engaged and learning through the end of the year. If you missed Part 1 of this series, be sure to check out Episode 12 where I shared my first two strategies for combating Senioritis in your students. 

Today, in combating senioritis part 2, I’m sharing two more strategies that will keep your students engaged and fight off Senioritis. And best of all, these strategies require very little prep on your part.

If you’re feeling tired and dragging at this point in the school year, be encouraged to try these simple ideas with your students to bring some fun and engagement back into the classroom without exhausting yourself.

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Topics Discussed on Combating Senioritis Part 2:

  • My favorite no-prep and low-prep activities that put attention and focus back on your students and keep them engaged and learning
  • Why concept maps are so effective and how to start using them with your students and get their brains making all kinds of connections
  • What POGILs are and why I love them so much as a tool for engaging my students, especially at the end of the school year
  • How implementing an independent research project can take the responsibility of learning out of your hands while simultaneously engaging your students
  • Some of my favorite independent research projects that you can easily use in your own classroom

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