Combating Senioritis Part 3: Saving the Best for Last [episode 14]


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I’ve saved the best for last! In episode 12 and episode 13 I shared tips for combating senioritis as it creeps up in our classrooms this year. If you missed those episodes, be sure to go back and listen. It is possible to keep your students engaged and keep yourself energized so you can finish the year strong as a high school science teacher. 

Throughout this series, I shared 4 strategies that have worked for me and my students that you can implement right away with little to no prep work for you, regardless of what you teach. Whether you teach seniors or not, senioritis affects all students and teachers every year as we near the end of the school year and long for the days of summer where we can escape the four walls of the classroom. 

In today’s episode, I will be sharing my number one strategy for setting yourself up for future success, so senioritis won’t be something you dread every year. Now is the perfect time to reevaluate your core sequence and your pacing guides for next school year to set yourself up for success with combating senioritis and spring fever a year from now and every year after that. 

We will be discussing how to plan ahead and make changes to when you teach certain units. If you feel like you don’t have flexibility when it comes to making these kinds of changes, you’ll definitely want to listen because I share tips for how to get key players in your school on board with your ideas so you can make changes that will be effective for your students.

We’ll be wrapping up this mini-series on how to combat senioritis with a special episode next week. I’ll be interviewing a teacher who has been in the classroom full-time for a decade and has taught mostly seniors. She has a ton of suggestions for how to combat senioritis. I’m excited to share her perspective and tips on this topic. Be sure to follow the show so you don’t miss an episode!

Topics Discussed on How to Combat Senioritis:

  • Tips for combating senioritis a year from now and every year after that so you’ll actually look forward to teaching at the end of the school year 
  • How to make changes to the sequence and pacing of your curriculum so you can end the school year teaching your favorite units 
  • Key questions to ask yourself as you reflect on your existing course sequences and pacing guides
  • Factors that may prevent you from making changes to your sequence and what you can do to address them

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