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Engaging Students in Lecture [Episode 6]


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We are continuing our series on all different (and simple) ways to engage your students! In this episode, I’m going to be talking through engaging your students in lecture because lectures don’t have to be boring! In fact, they can be engaging and effective when used correctly in a classroom that is balanced with active learning experiences and direct instruction.

You may think I’m crazy, but I actually really enjoy lectures, and I’m confident that you can too! Hear me out. Lectures can still be a useful instructional strategy that can help solidify the learning our students do during active learning experiences. 

There is research that shows that students often perceive that they learn more from direct instruction, like lectures, than they do from active learning experiences. Perceive is the key word because they actually retain more information when they are engaged in active learning methods.

Despite that, our high school students are still developing their cognitive muscles and their minds do get tired. They don’t always have the stamina for the intense critical thinking that the more active learning methods require. They need moments of learning inside their comfort zone and outside of their comfort zone. So, today I’ll share why I still lecture, and I’ll give you my five best strategies for engaging your students in lecture. 

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Topics Discussed in Engaging Students in Lecture:

  • Why it’s important to give students opportunities to learn within their comfort zones and outside of their comfort zones and how we can do that 
  • How to incorporate a conversational lecture style in your classroom 
  • Tips for making content relevant for your students so they stay engaged during lectures
  • Ways to break up lectures with active learning experiences
  • Ideas for including lectures even if you’re teaching virtually

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Grab your FREE Classroom Reset Challenge

Not sure where to begin simplifying your teaching life? Start by reseting your classroom! Get the step-by-step checklist you need here!

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