Making 1D Lessons 3D with Skipper Coates of Real Ms. Frizzle [Episode 7]


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What’s the difference between a 1-Dimensional classroom and a 3-Dimensional classroom, and how does a 3D classroom benefit our students? That’s what we’re talking about in today’s episode. I’m interviewing my very first guest (yay!) and she is an expert in helping other teachers transform their classrooms with simple shifts in making 1D lessons 3D.

Skipper started teaching in February of 2008, when a teacher left a note on his desk saying that he was never coming back. A biology major, she was suddenly thrown into the world of Earth and Space Science. It was only a few years later that Skipper started writing her own Earth and Space Science curriculum for Teachers Pay Teachers. Skipper is the mother of three cute kids, and she forces them to do science experiments together for family time.

Skipper Coates can spot a 3D classroom within 20 seconds of walking in. By the end of this episode, you will be able to as well. Skipper describes a 3D classroom and shares practical ways teachers can take their classrooms from 1D to 3D. Be sure to check out the resources she mentions, like this one!

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Topics Discussed in Making 1D Lessons 3D:

  • How Skipper can tell a classroom is 3D within seconds of walking in
  • Examples of common 1D lessons and simple shifts teachers can make to turn them into 3D lessons
  • How important it is for our students to do the discovering and exploring 
  • Skipper’s one-page tool that you can use to transform any lesson from 1D to 3D
  • One area where Skipper has simplified her life

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