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5 Reasons Why It’s Not Rocket Science® Biology Curriculum is Right for YOU!

It’s that time of year – schedules are going out and you are finding out your course load for the first time. And you see that you got biology. You may be having one of the following reactions:

  1. YAY!! I love biology!! 😍 😍
  2. Oh noooo. But I am a chemistry teacher!! I don’t do biology 🧐
  3. Wait…another prep?? Seriously? 🤯

#2 and #3 – DON’T PANIC! I can help with my biology curriculum!

Now, I can’t come to manage your students or grade your papers for you (although I have an entire course on how I used to do these things in my own classroom), but I CAN potentially take one major responsibility off of your plate – lesson planning.

That’s right. I found when I was teaching full-time and balancing 5 preps (one of which was AP Biology 😅 ) that I couldn’t do it all. But I COULD focus my time on what I really LOVED and I found that I was really good at lesson planning!

So I started writing my biology curriculum to help myself but also other teachers, and it has been so fun over the years to see the hundreds of teachers who have benefitted from the resources. I wrote this curriculum with the following teachers in mind:

  • New high school science teachers OR teachers new to the subject (looking at you 15-year veteran senior physics teacher who is majorly face-palming that your admin is throwing freshman bio at you)
  • Teachers balancing 3 or more preps who just need one class to NOT WORRY ABOUT
  • Teachers with little-to-no science budget or resources
  • Someone going out on maternity leave or just needing a long-term substitute

If any of those resonant with you, keep reading! You are in the right place! I want to share with you 5 more reasons It’s Not Rocket Science® biology curriculum is right for you!

The biology curriculum literally includes EVERYTHING you need to teach biology – yes, EVERYTHING!

Unit plans? ✅
Lecture notes? ✅
Cornell note outlines? ✅
Labs? ✅
Activities? ✅
Research projects? ✅
Practice handouts? ✅
Quizzes? ✅
Tests? ✅

Yup. ALL of this is included for every unit. Not only that, but I include detailed implementation notes and set-up instructions for every single day. I found when I first started teaching that I could find great labs and projects for free on Google, but then I had no idea how to actually implement them with my students. This is one of the reasons I included such detailed teacher notes (and because I wrote every unit for my long-term subs who were NOT science teachers, so I needed it to be useful for them!)

The unit plans come in both 50-minute pacing and 90-minute, so they are useful for any type of teaching schedule. You can download my pacing guide and scope and sequence for the entire course for free here!

I also have all of my lecture videos recorded and posted on YouTube. These are especially helpful for (1) familiarizing YOURSELF with the content if it has been a hot minute since you taught biology, and (2) can be incredibly useful for sharing with absent students!

Best of all, I’ve got you covered with answer keys for everything. All of this really leads to reason #2 why this biology curriculum is so epic:

You will be done with lesson planning for the ENTIRE YEAR and prep-work will be virtually nonexistent.

And all of the next year, and the year after that, and the year after that. Can you imagine never HAVING to write another lesson plan for biology again??

And really…it basically covers two preps if you teach both CP and Honors Biology, because ALL of the resources are provided on two levels – CP (College Prep, or on grade level) and Honors. You can literally be done with lesson planning for TWO of your preps!!

Now, you may have to make a few copies (or not, if you choose to use the paperless digital versions!!), and you may have to prep some lab activities, but here is the deal –> when I wrote this curriculum for myself, I was teaching in an old computer lab with ZERO lab or safety equipment and ZERO budget.

Because of this, I try to use as many affordable lab materials as possible and be as minimalistic as I can. When able, I even use things you can probably find around your house. This makes this biology curriculum especially helpful for teachers who are buying all of their lab resources out of pocket. I’ve been there, and I wrote this with you in mind!

So, you may have to set up some lab stations, but you won’t have to ever ask yourself, “What am I going to do with them tomorrow??” again. Do you know what else you will never have to worry about? Reason #3 why this biology curriculum really rocks…

You will never have to worry about resource alignment or hearing “you never taught us this” after the test.

Nothing is more frustrating than a student (or their parent) trying to argue with you after you’ve returned a graded test. I’ve been there, and it led me to be INCREDIBLY reflective in my curriculum writing process. I am constantly going through each unit over and over again to ensure that everything is aligned. On day 1 of each unit, your students will get a packet. This packet has a cover page with ALL of the objectives, vocabulary, and skills that will be covered on the unit summative assessment.

Every note taken, lab administered, and practice problem completed aligns back to something on this cover page. Every test question also circles back to this page. So not only have I done all of the aligning for you, but I have also made sure you can clearly show your students what they are expected to learn and accomplish from DAY ONE of the unit with my packet organization system. I love packets so much (you can read more about why I use packets to organize my resources here) but one of the main reasons I love packets, is reason #4.

No more scrambling the morning of class at a jammed copier – go totally paperless or use the paper packet system.

There’s truly nothing more stressful than being at a jammed copier 5 minutes before class starts trying to print something for your students that day. It makes you wonder what was happening before you got there…

With my unit packet strategy, you make copies ONCE per unit. That’s it! Then the first day of the unit you hand the students ALL of the resources they will need for the ENTIRE unit. This not only helps your copier-induced cortisol levels, it also helps your students majorly with their personal organization – and the resource teachers I partnered with especially loved it for keeping their students with accommodations on track.

Now I know I am old school. There is just something so delightful about working out a Punnett Square on paper. But I promise I am not going to force you to live in the dark ages with me. I have a paperless digital version of every packet as well that you can use in Google Drive™️ and/or Microsoft OneDrive™️. Then you REALLY never have to see the copier again!!

Best of all, I am adding even more versions of the packet for you. Currently, you get every resource on two levels – CP = College Prep or on grade level, and Honors = advanced. You also get everything in a printable PDF version and the paperless digital version. So 4 versions of the packets.

But, coming August 2021, there will also be additional versions of each packet added that include completely filled-in notes AND a fill-in-the-blank version. You will now have 12 versions of the packets to customize for what is best for you and your students! Do you know why this is extra awesome? Because of reason #5.

You get all updates, for life, for FREE.

That’s right. Owners of my biology curriculum get all updates, for life, for FREE.

This is not a subscription service. It isn’t a membership. It is a ONE TIME fee and then you own the resources for LIFE – AND you get all of the updates!

Since the original creation of the curriculum, I’ve added all of the paperless digital versions of the resources (2018), added extension mini-units to use after state standardized tests (2018), I’ve done a complete revamp with entirely new instructional resources added to every unit (2020), and this summer I’m adding the new, differentiated versions of the packets.

I really love this biology curriculum and want it to be the best for you and your students which is why I constantly work to make it the best it can be. But I know that even with all of these reasons, this curriculum still isn’t right for everyone.

Not sure if this is right for you or not? I get it. This is a HUGE investment. If you are still struggling with the decision, here is what I recommend:

  1. Watch this video tour to have a better idea of what is included and how it is organized.
  2. Reach out to me here with any specific questions you still have.
  3. Purchase just ONE unit to try out. This allows you to make sure my style fits with yours before making such a large investment in the full biology curriculum bundle.

Then if you don’t like it, you are only out $45-50.  If you do like it and go on to purchase the full-year bundle, you can be refunded for the initial unit tested out.

For resource shop buyers, contact me in advance and I can make you a unique coupon code.

For TpT buyers, you purchase the bundle first and THEN submit your Order ID numbers for the bundle and the unit you tested out to TpT via their Contact Us page and they will refund you for the first unit you tested out, so you aren’t having to pay for it twice.  It is one of the few things that falls under their refund policy because they can mark it as a “duplicate purchase” in the system – as long as it is within one calendar year of the original unit purchased.

I hope reading this helps you discern whether or not It’s Not Rocket Science®️ is right for YOU!

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Grab your FREE Biology Curriculum Pacing Guide

Need help knowing what to teach and when to teach it in biology this year? This pacing guide is for YOU -- because teaching doesn't have to be rocket science!

Submit your email address to receive your FREE Biology Curriculum Pacing Guide from INRS!