It’s Not Rocket Science®: The Beginning

I remember
going through my education classes in undergrad, and then grad school, then
getting my gifted and talented certification, and always thinking – aren’t we
all just overcomplicating this a bit?
Let me
back up by saying I love learning (see previous post if you don’t believe me)
and I loved taking all of these classes and hearing the different perspectives
and theories on how to teach.  But I think most of us can
admit now that we really didn’t learn much about teaching until we actually got
started doing it.  What we’ve learned as
we’ve taught is that all of these educational theories and policies and
textbooks often overcomplicate what it means to successfully educate young
I hate this.  I hate that we’ve overcomplicated
the job of teaching
– not just with how to teach kids but also with all of
these other expectations.  Learning
objectives, essential questions, teacher evaluations, student pre- and post-
score data, standardized tests, alignment to standards, yada yada yada.  I think there are great intentions for all of
these things but as a teacher it can be
overwhelming to try to manage all of this, plus come up with curriculum that
we actually enjoy teaching and that kids actually engage with and learn from.
So I said,
enough is enough.  I love teaching, and I
LOVE creating fun, engaging, clear curriculum for my students.  I hate seeing teachers so burdened by all
that is in front of them that they can’t do what they are called to do – love
students and teach them content and life skills.  Because of this, one afternoon over winter
break (when I had so much free time on my hands that I didn’t know what to do
with it) my store © It’s Not Rocket Science was born.  And now a few months later, this site is born
Why I started my Teachers Pay Teachers Store and decided to become a teacherpreneur - a teacher who is an entrepreneur! I never thought I would be a TpT seller but I am so glad I decided to start this business! My store is inspired by keeping education simple and not overcomplicated.  Click to read more of my story. - It's Not Rocket Science
My goal with my store is to support
secondary science teachers everywhere with engaging, relevant, and clear
curriculum to share with their students.
My goal with this site is to reach more than secondary science teachers
– but teachers EVERY where of ALL grade levels and subjects that are
overwhelmed with the craziness of everything on our plates, and need to be
reminded of the simple things, like why we teach.

Cheers to the start of this crazy adventure.  I will do my best to provide honest,
authentic, and tried and tested thoughts.
I will NEVER write about something I haven’t actually implemented in my
own classroom so that I can give you real advice from a real teacher, who is on the front lines just like you.

UPDATE: If you are interested, you can check out my 1st year reflections and my 2nd year reflections since I started my store!

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